We hope you enjoy our small selection of spoonerisms - where you accidentally, or purposefully, mix up the first letter of different words to create a new and amusing phrase.

fighting a liar
lighting a fire

you hissed my mystery lecture
you missed my history lecture

searched every crook and nanny
searched every nook and cranny

cattle ships and bruisers
battle ships and cruisers

nosey little crook
cosy little nook

a blushing crow
a crushing blow

Kinquering Congs their titles take
Conquering Kings their titles take (announcing hymn in chapel)

tons of soil
sons of toil

let us drink to the queer old Dean
let us drink to the dear old Queen

we'll have the hags flung out
we'll have the flags hung out

you've tasted two worms
you've wasted two terms

our shoving leopard
our loving shepherd

a half-warmed fish
a half-formed wish

is the bean dizzy?
is the Dean busy?

6 busty crolls (crusty rolls)
Hello, Witches of Swatzerland (Watches of Switzerland)
Thanks to Jacky for these two!

for god's sake shake a tower: for god's sake take a shower
he has really mad banners: he has really bad manners
wave the sails, man: save the whales, man
he flew at the lead of spite: he flew at the speed of light
ooh look a pretty flutter by: butterfly
i love cop porn: i love pop corn
oh no! not a bat flattery: oh no, not a flat battery
would you like a nasal hut?
would you like a hazel nut?
see ya, eye ball: see ya bye all

my chips are lapped
my lips are chapped - From Diane

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