A palindrome is a sentence that reads the same both forwards and backwards. For instance, the simplest sort of palindrome is a name like Anna, whether you read from left to right or right to left it still reads 'Anna'. Here are some more palindromes:

Able was I ere I saw Elba
A Toyota's a Toyota
Borrow or rob
Cigar? Toss it in a can, it is so tragic
Delia failed
Dennis and Edna sinned
Did Hannah see bees? Hannah did
Dogma: I am God
Enid and Edna dine
Goddesses so pay a possessed dog
Harass selfless Sarah
He lived as a devil, eh
If I had a hi-fi
I saw desserts
I'd no lemons, alas no melon
Distressed was I
I saw I was I
Kayak salad: Alaska yak
Lager, sir, is regal
Lid off a daffodil
Madam, I'm Adam
Murder for a jar of red rum
Name now one man
No garden, one dragon
No lemons, no melon
Nurse, I spy gypsies, run
Oh, cameras are macho
Party boobytrap
Pupils slip up
Red rum, sir, is murder
Rise to vote, sir
Satire: Veritas
Senile felines
Star comedy by Democrats
Stella won no wallets
Step on no pets
Ten animals I slam in a net
Tracy, no panic in a pony-cart
Warsaw was raw
Yawn a more Roman way

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