First up, what is an oxymoron, you might wonder? The answer is that, essentially, an oxymoron is a pair of words combined that contradict each other. Examples can be humorous ('an organised committee') or genuine ('deafening silence').

Here, purely for your viewing pleasure, is a list of some oxymorons:

Examples of Oxymorons

Definitely maybe
Living dead
Precise estimate
Genuine imitation
Minor miracle
Same difference
Other Me
Synthetic natural fibre
End of infinity
Constant variable
Still wind
Hells angels
Poor Millionaire
A wise fool
Almost limitless
Jumbo shrimp - Contrib. by Frances

Humorous Oxymorons!

Microsoft Works
Miltary Intelligence
Customer Services
Aeroplane food
Efficient civil service
Honest politician
Intelligent footballer
Genuine Journalist
Modern Art
Train Timetable
London Transport
Two Solipsists
Reliable Computer

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