The Nato Alphabet

The Nato Alphabet is used for clear radioing. If you have ever watched The Bill or similar TV shows or movies involving the police, then you are no doubt used to this code being used to describe number plates. You can clearly see how useful it is as it removes doubt as to what letter is being said, as just the letter itself can sound quite similar over the radio.

Here is the Nato Alphabet in all its glory:

a - alpha
b - bravo
c - charlie
d - delta
e - echo
f - foxtrot
g - golf
h - hotel
i - india
j - juliet
k - kilo
l - lima
m - mike
n - november
o - oscar
p - papa
q - quebec
r - romeo
s - sierra
t - tango
u - uniform
v - victor
w -whiskey
x - xray
y - yankee
z - zulu

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