Morse Code

Morse Code is an essential communications method for occasions where voice cannot be used for whatever reason. Therefore using dots and dashes, either through coded signals or even using lights or other objects to signal, this code can be extremely useful and effective.

A - Dot Dash
B - Dash Dot Dot Dot
C - Dash Dot Dash Dot
D - Dash Dot Dot
E - Dot
F - Dot Dot Dash Dot
G - Dash Dash Dot
H - Dot Dot Dot Dot
I - Dot Dot
J - Dot Dash Dash Dash
K - Dash Dot Dash
L - Dot Dash Dot Dot
M - Dash Dash
N - Dash Dot
O - Dash Dash Dash
P - Dot Dash Dash Dot
Q - Dash Dash Dot Dash
R - Dot Dash Dot
S - Dot Dot Dot
T - Dash
U - Dot Dot Dash
V - Dot Dot Dot Dash
W - Dot Dash Dash
X - Dash Dot Dot Dash
Y - Dash Dot Dash Dash
Z - Dash Dash Dot Dot

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