Cockney Rhyming Slang

Here is a selection of some cockney rhyming slang phrases. If you don't know what they 'translate' to, you really will be left saying "Said What?!" Know any more? Then send them to us!

Adam and Eve - As in 'I don't Adam and Eve it' - Believe
All Time Loser - Boozer
Apples and Pears - Stairs
Ayrton Senna - Tenner
Bacon and Eggs - Legs
Bag of Fruit - Suit, Flute
Bangers and Mash - Cash
Barney Rubble - Trouble
Battle Cruiser - Boozer
Bees and Honey - Money
Boat Race - Face
Brahms and Liszt - Pissed
Bright and Breezy - Easy
Brown Bread - Dead
Bubble Bath - Laugh
Bubble and Squeak - Greek
Butcher's Hook - Look
Cain and Abel - Table
Cheesey Quaver - Favour
Chicken Curry - Hurry (from Ema)
China Plate - Mate
Cream Crackered - Knackered
Daisy Roots - Boots
Deep Sea Diver - Fiver
Desmond Tutu - Two-two (UK degree result)
Dicky Dirt - Shirt
Dog and Bone - Phone
Douglas Hurd - Third (UK degree result)
Faith and Hope - Soap
Frog and Toad - Road
German Bands - Hands
Gregory Peck - Neck
Half-Inch - Pinch (as in steal)
Hampstead Heath - Teeth
Horse and Cart - Girlfriend (Tart)
Jam Tart - Heart
James Dean - Screen (from Cassie)
Johnny Horner - Corner
Lady Godiva - Fiver (5)
Lager and Lime - Time
Lionel Blairs - Flairs
Loaf of Bread - Head
Mahatma Ghandi - Brandy
Mince Pies - Eyes
Nelson Mandela - Stella (Artois)
North and South - Mouth
Ones and Twos - Shoes
Pieces of Eight - Weight
Pig's Ear - Beer
Plates and Dishes - Missus (Mrs)
Plates of Meat - Feet
Rabbit and Pork - Talk
Rosy Lee - Tea
Rub a Dub - Pub
Scooby Doo - Clue
Skin and Blister - Sister
Sky Rocket - Pocket
Sweeney Todd - Flying Squad
Trouble and Strife - Wife
Turkish Bath - Laugh
Two and Eight - State
Whistle and Flute - Suit

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